Finally got the header off after daily application of PB Blaster and wiggling the whole assembly. Used the propane torch to heat all of the joints a bit and with a bunch more wiggling it around, I could see it was starting to come off of the stubs. A bit more working with it and the header finally came off of the stubs. Then I removed the stubs – had to be very careful to not twist off the lower two bolts though. Both didn’t want to turn freely, so I first gave them a sharp rap with a punch and hammer into their socket ends and then turned them a few degrees out, then back in and repeated that over and over until they’d finally turn a complete revolution. Little by little they came out farther and I eventually got them out without damaging the threads. Whew! I’ll be using studs in the head and stainless or brass nuts when it goes back together.


I thought just the muffler was made by “Up-Tite Racing”, but a closer look reveals the header was too.

headpipe 2

Now I can pull the engine out of the frame. Then the real work begins!



Another half hour and the engine is out and the triple trees are removed.

engine out

triple clamps out

bare frame