Had a little time this week to spare, so I set about disassembling the CCM. Overall, most of it came apart easily – no stuck bolts, stuck axles and other stuff that can make it a lot harder. The only sticking point is the headpipes – the slip joints where the sections go together are rusted fast to one another. Liberal application of PB Blaster has ensued.

Bodywork and subframe removed

subframe removed 2

subframe and airbox

Two hours later

end of the day

end of the day 2

bits in a box

bits in a bin

front wheel

rear wheel

front forks overview

Fork tubes look great on the part that matters. Up top at the triple clamps there is minor pitting, but that won’t matter.

front forks close

Mystery numbers etched into the head

number etched into the head

The left section of the headpipe fits way too close to the frame – something will need to be done to correct that.

close clearance

The rest of the headpipe is just stuck together, I’ll eventually get it apart.

stuck head pipes 1

stuck headpipes 2

Until I get the headpipes off, the engine is stuck in the frame. 😦