Now that I had an idea of what I needed and the overall condition, it was time to do some web searching to find parts sources, discussion groups and contact information for CCM. The parts sources were easy – Google popped up the two largest: CCM themselves and Haines & Co. Most everything seems to available, though not inexpensively. Still comparable to ATK, the big difference being there are actual parts diagrams to look at and you can order online. Try that with ATK…

I belong to nearly a dozen different motorcycle discussion groups, a few of them hosted in the UK so I decided to start with those. A member of the XT500 forum put me on to the “CCM Mad” discussion group and supplied an address and phone number for CCM HQ in Bolton. I joined the CCM Mad group and posted an “introduction” email with a few photos and the frame number. Imagine my surprise when one of the members told me the “C25” part of my frame number meant it wasn’t a 604, but a 350! A few checks confirmed he was indeed correct – the piston was 79.5 mm vs. 97 mm, the transmission has six-speeds vs five, and the carburetor is a PHF 34 not the 38 used on the 604. What does this mean? Less power of course, though there still is no shortage of that – 4 more than my XT500 in fact. Very slightly lighter weight, but not enough to matter. As if CCMs aren’t rare enough, 350s are even more so.

A bit more chatting with the other members revealed that it was built somewhere in the ’95-’97 time frame since the front forks are Marzocchi and not Paoli as used later.

I called the supplied number for CCM HQ and was given the name of the person there that could help me with “historical data”. Unfortunately, he was in a meeting and it was suggested that I email instead, which I’ve done, but so far no reply. I’ll try calling again if I don’t hear back after a week or so.