Sorry, but I can’t help myself. 🙂

So this past Sunday a few friends and I went up to York, PA for the Potomac Vintage Riders vintage swapmeet. I was determined not to buy anything, so only took $100 with me and didn’t drive the van up so I wouldn’t be tempted to drag anything home. The plan was working well until about 3/4 the way through the first section of the swapmeet. I spied a bike with one of my favorite engines (the old Rotax air cooled single) in it. Drawn closer like a moth to a flame, I found it was a “CCM 604” and the asking price was a mere $785. Looked at it bit and spoke with the seller, found we had several mutual friends and that he had a shop about 30 miles away from my home. A plan was formulating in my head, but I still wasn’t sure that I should buy it. The engine had no compression (no resistance at all when kicked over) and that worried me some, but I figured it was most likely a broken cam belt.

We walked around a bit more, checked out the rest of the swapmeet and by then I’d made up my mind. Went back, asked Dave, the seller, if he’d take a $100 deposit and the rest when I picked the bike up at his shop. He was in agreement and at that point there was no reason not to buy the bike. My friend Carl inquired why the odd price, why not a more round figure like $750, so Dave knocked the price down to $750! He gave me some brochures that went with the bike and a receipt for the deposit, we set up a day for me to pick it up and the deal was done. Couldn’t wipe the goofy grim off of my face the rest of the day!

We walked around a bit more, talked with some folks we know and then decided to head home. It was then I remembered that I hadn’t taken any photos of it. So, we headed back to where it was and I took a few shots.

CCM 350 001

CCM 350 002